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What We offer

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

The Energetic Wellness Centre is committed to providing highly authentic training in all areas of energy well being.


Our programs and collaborations are carefully considered and researched to ensure they align with our business values and principles of evidence based and results driven training.


The dedicated team have years or experience in the evolution and field of energy work and understand the importance integrity plays in product delivery in this space. 

The most important thing is to offer well designed flexible programs at an affordable price delivering highly skilled practitioners for the purpose of personal growth, professional growth and the continuing support of the greater community.

We offer a unique fully supervised, structured and supportive learning environment that caters for learning auditorily, verbally and kinetically. 


At the Energetic Wellness Centre we follow a learn, see, do training flow so we  know that whatever your learning style is we can support you.   

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Step by Step Guide to the New You and Your New Beginning

Step 1

Introductory Workshop

Choose a Schedule and payment option that works for you 

Step 2

Enrol in one of our extended courses either for personal growth, professional development or to attain a qualification and a new career

Define your goals.  What is most important to you?

Step 3

Enjoy the learning!

Qualify with a Diploma/Advanced Diploma and celebrate! 

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