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Who We are

Motivational Speaker

Industry Leading Facilitators  
and Coaches

Learn from Perth's industry leaders.


An innovative company structure allows the Energetic Wellness Centre to provide facilitators and coaches with a unique opportunity to work in dual roles. 

We recognise the rapid changing world and have partnered with some of the most successful practitioners in the industry.  Being coached by those who are at the forefront of service assures you that the techniques and approaches you are being taught are current, relevant and most of all effective.

Each facilitator owns their own successful clinical practice and brings their day to day experience for the benefit of your learning and success.

To be the best, we believe you need to learn from the best.

Our Vision

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As a collaborative team we offer more than 100 years collective experience to learn from. 

We have successfully supported others to become confident self employed practitioners helping clients overcome anxiety, grief, physical pain, infertility, digestive issues and many other human ailments. 


The unique energy based techniques we will guide you through applying, combined with the throrough anatomony and physiology understanding, will set you apart from others in the same field. 

When you add to this the ongoing communications, safety and business management support provided, you can be confident that your decision to venture into this world will be a fruitful one in ways you cant yet imagine..   

Our Vision is to support those who are seeking a purpose driven life.  A life that is meaningful, purpose driven and offers an opportunity for remuneration of service.   


If you are seeking then look no further. 

We have found you. :)

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

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